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2023 Cascadia Super Gravel

April 29th 2023

What is the Cascadia Super Gravel? The CSG is the culmination of seasons upon seasons of backyard explorations, weekend wanderings, and solitudinous escapes. For years the CSG was nothing more than a barstool disquisition between friends, a dream of sharing our own “Secret” expanse of routeways with the world around. Eventually though over the years this thought experiment grew in to something solid, and in 2017 we showed the world what Capitol Forest had to offer. Since then we have only grown. Adding miles, new challenges, and plenty of new riders. The Cascadia Super G is the hardest gravel race you have ever done, and thats the point.  The race is broken down into three courses, the 30 miles of gravel, the 50 miles of guts, and the 100 miles of grit, all designed to offer a unique experience and difficulties respective to their durations. Racers will be confronted by a course unlike anything that they've experienced, from single track and animal trail to hike-a-bikes, to the ubiquitous grades of Capitol Forest. It will be a day to challenge you, to re-define what you consider gravel, and to remember.

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