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Earlier this year, I decided to not participate in bike events taking place in states that are actively legislating against transgender people.


This is not easy when you live in Texas.


Instead, I’m traveling to the West Coast to participate

in 4 gravel events in 3 states and ride gravel and

singletrack in 5 states:


April 26 Cascadia Super Gravel 50 miles

April 27-May 5 Portland Oregon Gravel and MTB

May 6 Oregon Coast Gravel 50 miles

May 7 West Coast Gravel 50 miles

May 8-15 Napa California MTB and Gravel

May 17 Sedona Arizona Gravel

May 20 Santa Fe Gravel Century 66 miles


I would like to raise awareness for a program that is helping to support gender inclusivity and racial equity in cycling and the outdoors:


The Radical Adventure Riders



I will be donating $1 per mile I ride on my big trip to RAR. If you would like to join me in this endeavor, Please subscribe to updates from WTF Bike. I’ll not only keep you updated on my adventure & you’ll be able to see the miles I’m rolling in states that actually want me to exist.

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