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Safety is Never Guaranteed

In the last year I’ve thought a lot about what my place is in the cycling community, how I got to be where I am, and what I want to be doing into the next year.


Last Winter I wrote “Safety is Not Guaranteed”, and I still believe every word that I wrote. What have I done to increase my perception of safety and the safety of others in the LGBTQAI+ community? I continue to advocate for not travelling to cycling events in states that are not welcoming to LGBTQAI+ people. I don’t judge anyone who does want to attend those events in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho and Kansas in particular, instead I prefer to attend events in my new home state of Colorado, as well as Washington, Oregon, California, and New Mexico. These places are actively making accommodations for all people in their states, and I want to respect and encourage that fact.


Recently I attended and passed mountain bike instructor training, my intentions for this realm are to encourage women/trans/femme/non-binary riders to learn the skills they need to be confident on the trail, these skills carry over to other kinds of riding as well as life in general. Having classes that are a safe space means a lot to me.


I am learning a lot about my community here in Colorado. Using my experience living in Texas and visiting the West Coast earlier this year to build an environment that encourages the people that may not feel comfortable to come to a group ride, to attend a clinic, or even ask questions, to feel they are in a safe space to participate, to learn, and to ask questions.


I am learning every day. I want to do better. I want to be a contributing member of my community. I ask that you help me too. Stand up for what you believe. Help others. Take care of the people you love. It isn’t easy but we can do it together.


I’ll see you out there.



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