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Beginner Mountain Bike Skills

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If you identify as WTFNB (women, trans, femme, non-binary) and want to build confidence in mountain biking, the clinic is for you. Kat will guide you through the basics, helping you gain courage and have a blast on the trails in a safe, controlled environment.


No experience necessary - we'll start from scratch and build up from there. You'll need a mountain bike, helmet, water, and snacks for the morning.

After the clinic we'll ride some trail and session interesting sections to put our new skills to work. Expect to spend about 2.5 hours working on skills and an additional hour to session our new skills on the trail.

About Kat (she/her): I am a BICP level 1 certified skills instructor and first aid certified. I've been riding mtb, gravel, and road for many years and now I want to share my skills and love for cycling with my friends. I ride with Fort Follies, Overland MTB, Dirt Darlings, and COMBA clubs. I am an affiliate with Ninja MTB Performance and Feisty Media.

Clinic Options

There are several different ways you can learn new MTB skills

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One on One Clinic

Skills clinic just for you!

3 hour clinic at Spring Canyon Park in Fort Collins CO followed by 1 hour,

3 mile trail session clinic.


Use contact form below


Custom Clinic

Skills clinic however and

wherever you want!

3 hour clinic at your location

$175 plus travel expenses.

Other options available.

Use contact form below.


Group Clinic

Skills clinic with new friends!

3 hour clinic at Spring Canyon Park in Fort Collins CO followed by 1 hour / 3 mile trail session clinic.



What You'll Learn

Bike/Body Separation

Learn the basic body positions to be prepared for anything you encounter on the trail


Learn to shift through appropriate gearing for the terrain you are on or are approaching, without dropping, breaking, or hearing significant drive train noise.


Learn to negotiate a set of switchbacks in both directions and a variety of grades.

Rock Dodge

Learn how steering the front wheel affects the tracking of the rear wheel while avoiding small features at slow to moderate speeds.


We will learn to use both brakes for a controlled, complete stops from a range of speeds.


Learn how to generate forward momentum without using a full pedal stroke. 


We will practice different positions and skills to climb easy and moderate slopes efficiently in a seated, standing, and crouched position, and maintain stability and control through small body movements while using correct braking techniques on downhill terrain

Trail Session

We will put all the skills together and ride a section of trail with multiple features and obstacles, taking time to look at the lines and hazards before deciding on the best path to take.

Cassandra Novajovsky:

"Kat was a great instructor. I would recommend her for anyone interested in learning to mountain bike. She was able to break down basic mountain bike skills to a level that was easy to understand. She did a great job demonstrating the techniques and giving feedback to the participants. She put everyone at ease and made the learning happen in a fun environment. I had fun and was able to improve my biking form while attending her class!"

Want to learn more?

Private and small classes offered in Fort Collins or your location.


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